Custom "On The Job" Medical Class

Adventure Medics

Our custom class can offer your business a training day like no other! Our in classroom CPR, AED, and First Aid practice coupled with on the job site active scenarios will leave your employees feeling empowered to take on any emergency! 

We will create multiple scenarios for your crew that take place outside, at your jobsite, or where ever suits your needs best. With a combination of movie set moulage, actors, and a little imagination your crew will get its adrenaline pumping as they save lives! 

Please contact us with your specific business needs and we will take care of the us...we are professionals. Classes are 6-8 hours.  Pricing: $85-$125pp depending on size and scope. 

Adventure Medics can also track when your employees are due in the future so you dont have to! 

Along with vital experience each student will receive American Heart Association CPR Card good for two years.


Do you have a group that needs a class? Don’t see a class or time that works for you? Or just have a question? Give us a call or shoot us an e-mail: 541-639-9993 /

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