Event Medical Teams

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What makes Adventure Medics stand out?

Employee Vetting: Adventure Medics staff is scrutinized and hand-picked based on experience and skill. Full background checks and drug screening is completed prior to hire. All licenses and certifications are verified and a training schedule is established.

Training: Our staff train on a regular basis to perfect their skills and stay current on the latest changes in EMS. We have specialized teams in different areas such as water rescue, trail rescue, and festival care.

Physician Sponsored: We are backed by a physician who is on call 24/7 as well as a direct line to emergency physicians at local hospitals. Adv Med staff are trained in calling in medevacs and setting up LZs for emergency patient care.

Equipment: Everything you would find on an emergency ambulance you will find in our full kits. We believe that since EMS is constantly evolving then we must evolve with it. Because of this we have state of the art equipment and are trained in the latest medical theory.

Insurance: Our medics are fully backed by Professional Liability and General Insurance. This means that patient liability falls on us…period.

Why not just use volunteer Medics?

First off let me say that Volunteers are awesome! Anybody who volunteers their time for a great cause is good in our book however there are some key differences between a professional and a volunteer EMT or Paramedic.

Limited Scope of Practice: Volunteer EMTs & Paramedics are very limited with what they can do while acting independently. They cannot push any medication. If you have a volunteer medic who is pushing medication what they are doing is Illegal and can put your event at great liability risk. In order to push medications they have to be sponsored by a Doctor.

Limited resources: Simply put from a legal aspect a EMT or Paramedic who is volunteering his time cannot use half of the equipment they could while running with a professional organization. If a volunteer shows up at your event with a full Advanced life support kit then please run the other way. They should know better and have just opened you up to a huge amount of liability.

Liability: Volunteers are not backed with insurance and while there are laws that protect a medic  if they make a mistake while treating a patient off duty, there is absolutely no protection that is passed on to the event itself. This means that if one of your volunteer medics makes a mistake while treating somebody then it’s your butt on the line not theirs.

Background: Finally it’s very difficult to Vet volunteers. No background checks, drug screens, or license verification are usually performed, and often you must take someone on their word that they are even qualified.

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