Event Medical Teams

Mobile Medical Base

Outfitted with the latest in medical technologies and hospital grade equipment, this 40 foot mobile medical base is customized to accommodate multiple patients in a controlled environment.

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4x4 Ambulance Service

Our 4x4 ambulances are licensed Advanced Life Support (ALS) units and are staffed by Paramedics and EMT's who are experienced street medics, but also have special training in remote medicine and extended patient care transports.

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Mini Ambulances & Off-Road Rescue

Our 4x4 rescue UTV and ATVs have been converted into event ambulances and are ideal for off-road events where participants may need to be transported safely back to the medical base.

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Dual Sport Motorcycles

Our Dual Sport motorcycles travel seamlessly from pavement to dirt and are ideal for on or off-road racing events where a rapid response may be needed.  

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Electric Mountain Bikes

Our MTN Bike Rescue Team is equipped with an electric powered motor to ensure a quick response to participants. Each bike carries over 30lbs of medical equipment.  This team is perfect for single track or maneuvering through crowds at festivals.

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Medical Tent

Our life support & first aid tent is extremely versatile and can be set up virtually anywhere.  It is fully equipped with state of the art emergency medical equipment and stocked with common OTC medications.

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Specialty Teams

High Angle Rescue

Industrial Rescue

Water Rescue

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We can customize our medical teams to accommodate your event!

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Event Medical Services