CPR/AED and First Aid Class

Adventure Medics

Adventure Medics CPR/AED and the CPR/AED with First Aid Blended Learning course, in association with ASHI, combines online delivery of educational content with the best features of classroom interaction and one on one instructor feedback to personalize learning. 

This course prepares students to perform Adult, Child, and Infant CPR. Students will also learn how to safely and effectively use an AED as well as help someone who is choking.  

First Aid course covers a multitude of environmental, medical, and trauma situations. During your hands on skills session your instructor will show you techniques like tourniquet placement, bleeding control, and epi-pen administration.   

Designed to fit with YOUR schedule. Take the online course on YOUR time and schedule the skills session with us on YOUR time! 

You will receive the same certification as taking a full in-class course with a card from ASHI good for 2 years. All materials provided by Adventure Medics including a digital book. 

6 easy steps:

Step 1: Purchase the class through our website

Step 2: Receive an email with a link to your online class

Step 3: Complete the online class on your time. 

Step 4: Call to schedule a hands-on skills session at 541-639-9993

Step 5: Ask questions, practice, and then test your skills with one of our instructors during your skills session. 

Step 6: Receive your CPR/AED or CPR/AED/First Aid card via email within 4 business days.

For more information on Blended Learning Skills Sessions click here

Cancellation/Refund Policy: No refunds for Blended Learning classes unless the purchase was made in error. 


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