REM Team Success | Adventure Medics | Bend, OR

REM Team Success | Adventure Medics | Bend, OR

August 30, 2018

Adventure Medics welcomes back it’s Rapid Extrication Module (REM) team after its first successful 43-day deployment to the Garner Complex,Taylor Creek and Klondike Fires in Southern Oregon. We are also proud to announce their first successful patient extrication mission:

"On July 29th, 2018 at 0900 a call came across the radio announcing there had been a tree strike and one of the fallers had been injured. Division Supervisors working nearby rushed to the scene of the accident and took over command of the incident. One of the fallers had been struck by the butt end of a 24-inch fir he had felled. He appeared to have a broken leg. The butt end of the tree hit the faller as it jumped backwards off the stump and swung uphill almost 25 feet. This significant upward movement of the tree was compounded due to a 12-inch madrone that had been cut and was hung up in another tree and lay horizontally across the intended lay. The faller, when struck by the butt end of the tree, was knocked another 10 feet upslope into another tree before he came to rest on the ground."

The medical response from all providers involved went extremely well:

“The overall medical response, patient care and transport of the injured faller from the fireline to a local hospital went extremely well. The Incident Action Plan (IAP) had a good medical plan which included medical emergency and injury reporting procedures. The Incident Management Team (IMT) had an Incident Within an Incident protocol established which was followed when the emergency was declared. The Division Supervisor and nearby medical personnel responded quickly and information was relayed to Incident Command Post (ICP) Communications following established procedures. A 10-person module from a nearby contract handcrew helped to carry the injured faller on a litter a short distance to a Rapid Extraction Module (REM) UTV that was configured to transport a patient and medical personnel to a nearby ambulance. The patient was transported by ground ambulance to a local hospital. The Division Supervisor, paramedics that provided patient care, handcrew, REM and others involved in the response should be commended for the rapid and very well coordinated and executed response”

Take a look at the full Rapid Sharing Lesson incident report here.