Are you worried about your Blood Pressure? | Adventure Medics | Bend, OR

Are you worried about your Blood Pressure? | Adventure Medics | Bend, OR

September 10, 2018

Are you worried about your blood pressure? Do you have severe headache’s? Blurry vision? Do you get short of breath easily? Are you often fatigued or sleepy? Dizzy and/or nauseated?

If you answered yes to any or all these symptoms you should strongly consider consulting with your physician and begin monitoring your own blood pressure from home. Even if you are a young adult and are thinking this can’t affect me yet, right? Wrong. Studies are showing an alarming increase in hypertension (HTN) among young adults!

With more of our population becoming increasingly overweight, lacking in exercise, eating poorly, and ingesting copious amounts of sugar, it should be no surprise that HTN is one of the most common medical conditions affecting American’s today. We all have heard that uncontrolled high blood pressure makes us more susceptible to life-threatening heart disease, maybe it is time to start keeping track of your own blood pressure so you can be more informed about your lifestyle decisions and learn to make the appropriate changes.

Studies show that monitoring your own blood pressure at home can yield better control of your HTN. People with HTN are more likely to get it under control if they record their blood pressure readings at home and share that data with their primary care physician. It will give your healthcare providers a better sense of your true blood pressure readings which will assist them in more customized treatments and better control over your HTN. Not only will this help save time and provide your physician more relevant data for a treatment plan, but it could potentially SAVE YOU MONEY by reducing medications and doctor/ER visits!


Click HERE to read the full study.