Standby Medical Service - Bend, Oregon

Standby Medical Service - Bend, Oregon

May 27, 2016

Adventure Medics Practices Safe Helicopter Rescue in Central Oregon

When it comes to standby medical service in Oregon, Adventure Medics is an excellent choice for your next event. There are many reasons that Adventure Medics should be your standby medical service provider, one of these reasons is the extensive training that all Adventure Medics receive even after becoming a team member.

Adventure Medics is proud to be able to work with rescue partners like Life Flight to practice procedures in case of an emergency while providing standby medical services. Being prepared in any situation is what makes Adventure Medics in Bend, Oregon a top choice for event standby medical services. We are more than medics, we are adventures who will go far and beyond to make sure that your event has the best standby medical service possible. With custom standby medical service packages to fit your event needs, Adventure Medics is there just in case.

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