Adventure Medics, Peace of Mind

Adventure Medics, Peace of Mind

May 23, 2016

Event Coverage in Central Oregon

Bend, Oregon is the home to many races, concerts and festivals. Adventure Medics believes in being prepared for any situation and provides outstanding coverage for any event. From the smallest event to a weekend long festival, Adventure Medics prides themselves on providing vital coverage to keep patrons, spectators and competitors safe.

All Adventure Medics not only possess certifications, training, and experience, these medics provide the best event coverage because they love adventure. Our medics in Bend, Oregon have the same interests in biking, running, hiking, and all of the things that make Central Oregon so great.

Adventure Medics are friendly, helpful and are here to give you a peace of mind at you next event. If you are looking for event coverage, be sure to contact Adventure Medics!

bend oregon event coverage

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