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We are a group of like minded souls who share your passion for sport and the great outdoors. Who better to serve your medical needs in the field than someone who understands what you do and why you do it? 

Adventure Medics is proud to be a certified B-Corporation

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Adventure Medics surpassed all expectations. They collaborated well with our established safety plan. They quickly understood our cycling routes and went about making a plan of action for best coverage in case an emergency should occur. Because of this preparation, when an emergency did occur Adventure Medics were right where they needed to be. Their plan was fluid and able to adjust to where participants were on course. Once their Medical Tent was not needed out on course they relocated it to our finish line where they were able to support finishers with basic first aid. Meanwhile they kept personnel on course to lend support if needed. Above all, each person we worked with from Adventure Medics was truly a pleasure.

 Much gratitude to Adventure Medics from all of us, 

Leslie Cogswell, Tour des Chutes

We are 110% satisfied about the extremely professional services provided by Adventure Medics at the Bend Brewfest. The owner, Matt, was hands on, courteous, took the job seriously and is one of the most hardworking individuals I have ever met. His team was exceptionally competent, qualified and experienced. From handling multiple bee stings for panicked parents to dealing with the more intense medical situations, Adventure Medics proved themselves imperative to the event every single day. Would have them back in a heartbeat. Proud they were our partners for this huge event and hope to work with them again in the future. Their services were invaluable. Thank you Matt and amazing team!

Chelsea Woodmansee, Bend Brewfest

Special thanks to Adventure Medics for keeping our crowd safe at the Scott Weiland concert.  It's nice to have a professional event medical specialist hanging out with Bend Radio Group keeping the good times with peace of mind. 

Thomas Cox, Bend Radio Group

Adventure Medics were on hand at our recent fundraising event where we had about 200 attendees. The peace of mind in knowing that if anyone were injured or a medical emergency occurred, Adventure Medics would be there to help was absolutely priceless. Matt & his team helped with keeping the crowd happy & even pointed out some potential lay out situations. I would recommend Adventure Medics to anyone doing an event with liability 

Megan Gram, Bend Spay and Neuter Project

I run two large events a year, I have found very dependable medical services using Adventure Medics.  They are well staffed,organized and very professional.  We hope that we won't ever need their services but it is very nice knowing that there is highly qualified personnel around in case there is a need.

Sean Wells, Oregon Summer Crossfit Games

 As a race director, Adventure Medics gives me the peace of mind to focus on the things I have to get done to give participants a great experience. Putting on trail races leads to putting people in remote places and Adventure Medics has the tools and skills to access all of those places no matter how rough the course is.Adventure Medics Kick Ass!

- Super Dave - Superfit Productions


Adventure Medics provides set medic in Oregon

July 31, 2016

Adventure Medics had the honor of providing medical support of a national TV show called The Runner. This daring new show pitted teams of runners chasing after a sole runner across the nation from the east coast to the west. To watch a preview of the show check it out here

Adventure Medics crew was a perfect match up for a production shoot and was there just in case! Whenever an event calls for an extreme sports medic we have just the folks to respond. Our very own Adam Mack, with over a decade of climbing experience, was on site to be the production site medic. 

From movie sets to commercial shoots if your staff is in need of medical support from folks who understand the business then Adventure Medics has got your back! 




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